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August 8 : Starting transition to ECQB04 (European Central Question Bank n°4).
December 26: 40 new GEN NAV ECQB03 questions
October 27: A new set of ECQB03 questions for Air Law just added to the database!
September 25: All the new questions about "auto-brake" & "anti-skid" for 021 are on E-atpl!
September 1: Subject 070 has been updated with new ECQB03 questions.
August 21: Plenty of new ECQB03 questions for 061 (Gen-Nav)... only on E-ATPL!!!
August 10: One new ATPL(H) 010-Air Law module (ECQB03) is available + new ECQB03 questions for 010 ATPL(A).
August 5: Implementing a new set of ECQB03 questions for 091/092 modules ATPL/CPL A and H.
August 2: All the new ECQB03 questions for 062 are online.
July 20: Massive ECQB03 update for 022 ATPL/CPL(A)... +100 questions!
July 15: Plenty of new ECQB03 questions for 031-032-040-050-070-080 !!! Only on E-ATPL!!!
March 9: all the new 2016 CAA questions are on E-atpl.
March 6 : iPhone/iPad and Android applications available on APP store and Google Play store.
IMPORTANT : New version coming the 03-03-2016 for a faster access
March 4: Starting transition to ECQB03 (European Central Question Bank n°3).
February 10: New 050 sub-module with the latest ECQB questions.
February 11: 15 new ECQB questions for module 082 ATPL/CPL H added.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year on E-atpl!
November 5: 2 new questions for 092 ATPL H.
November 5: 3 new questions for 091 ATPL/CPL A.
November 5: 2 new questions for 082 H.
November 5: 11 new questions for 080 ATPL A.
November 5: complete new ECQB module for 070 CPL H.
November 5: 4 new questions for 033 ATPL A.
November 5: 23 new questions for 050 ATPL/CPL A.
November 5: 23 new questions for 050 ATPL/CPL H.
November 5: 3 new questions for 040 ATPL/CPL A.
November 5: 3 new questions for 032 ATPL/CPL A.
November 5: 7 new questions for 022 ATPL/CPL H.
November 5: 12 new questions for 022 ATPL/CPL A.
November 5: 6 new questions for 031 ATPL/CPL H.
November 5: 6 new questions for 031 ATPL/CPL A.
September 9: 12 new ECQB01 questions for module 061.
August 23: 9 new ECQB01 questions for 021 ATPL A.
June 25, 2013: 17 new ECQB01 Helicopter questions for module 082.
June 11, 2013: 14 ECQB01 questions for module 050 ATPL/CPL A & H.
June 03, 2013: Module 050 has been updated with 3 new ECQB01 questions.
June 03, 2013: Module 040 has been updated with 5 new ECQB01 questions.
May 23, 2013: 3 NEW questions for module 031 ATPL A.
May 23, 2013: 12 NEW questions for module 010 ATPL A & H.
April 19, 2013: Module 062 has been updated with 7 new ECQB01 questions.
April 17, 2013: Module 050 has been updated with 12 new ECQB01 questions.
April 16, 2013: Module 031 has been updated with 16 new ECQB01 questions.
April 8, 2013: Module 010 has been updated with 45 new ECQB01 questions.
March 25, 2013: Module 061 has been updated.
March 12, 2013: E-atpl starts a transition process to the new ECQB01 database standards.
February 20, 2013: 10 new questions for 050 added.
December 28, 2012: 6 new questions for 010 ATPL/CPL A & H added.
December 28, 2012: 12 new questions for 050 ATPL/CPL A & H added.
December 28, 2012: 7 new questions for 082 (CPL H).
October 25, 2012: 16 new questions for module 061 ATPL/CPL A&H (EASA CQB15 UK).
September 05, 2012 : Question Flag option released
August 24, 2012: Mobile version updated and optimized!
August 22, 2012: 78 BRAND NEW CQB15 questions (module 050).
August 20, 2012: A one-year subscription is now available
August 13, 2012: 7 new questions for 033 ATPL/CPL A available.
August 10, 2012: 9 new questions for 062 ATPL/CPL A and H (from CQB15 July exam).
August 1, 2012: 36 new questions for 022 (from UK CQB15 July exam).
June 27, 2012: 9 new questions for 033 ATPL/CPL A available.
June 26, 2012: 8 new questions for 062 (UK CQB15).
June 24, 2012: 11 new CQB15 questions for module 050 ATPL/CPL A & H added.
June 22, 2012: 16 CQB15 questions for 021 ATPL/CPL H (UK).
June 18, 2012: 4 new questions for 031 (from UK CQB15 exam).
June 14, 2012: 12 new questions for 062 A&H (CQB15).
June 11, 2012: incoming new questions for 062 A&H (UK exam - CQB15).
June 07, 2012: 6 new questions for 033 A&H (UK CQB15).
June 05, 2012: 9 new CQB15 questions for module 082 ATPL/CPL H added.
June 02, 2012: 8 new questions for 070 A&H (CQB15).
May 30, 2012: 18 new questions for module 050 ATPL/CPL A&H added (UK exam CQB15).
May 28, 2012: 10 new questions for module 022 ATPL/CPL A&H added (CQB15).
May 27, 2012: 17 questions for module 061 ATPL/CPL A&H added (CQB15).
May 25, 2012: 23 new CQB15 questions for module 033 ATPL/CPL A added.
May 22, 2012: A complete new CQB15 module for 033 HELICOPTER has been released.
May 17, 2012: 37 new CQB15 questions for module 082 ATPL/CPL H added.
May 12, 2012: The new 022 ATPL/CPL H module is available (updated with the latest CQB15 questions).
May 09, 2012: HOT! 42 CQB15 instrumentation questions (ATPL/CPL A) added.
April 28, 2012: 17 new questions for 050 (Belgium exam - CQB15).
April 16, 2012: 14 new questions for 033 (from UK CQB15 exam).
April 11, 2012: Quality of 65 charts has been improved (061 A&H).
April 8, 2012: Online COMPUTER CLICK HERE (updated).
April 7, 2012: 12 diagrams replaced (033 ATPL/CPL A)
April 6, 2012: 6 new questions for 010 A&H (CQB15).
April 5, 2012: 9 new questions for 080 (from UK CQB15 exam).
November 5: 6 new questions for 031 ATPL/CPL A
March 10, 2012: 14 news questions for 021 A & H (CQB15 from Spain, Bulgaria, UK, France, Poland and Italy)
March 2, 2012: 12 new questions for 033.
Feburary 26: new version of E-atpl has been released (faster, more features, more friendly)
February 23, 2012: 15 new questions for 022.
February 15, 2012: 20 new questions for 022 (from UK CQB15 exam).
January 31, 2012: 12 new questions for 050 (from UK CQB15 exam).
January 15, 2012: 6 new questions for 031 (from UK CQB15 exam).
January 14, 2012: 11 new questions for 033 (from UK CQB15 exam).
January 6, 2012: incoming 12 new questions for 050 (from UK CQB15 exam).
December 31, 2011: 16 new questions (for 033) from UK CQB15 exam.
December 4, 2011: 21 BRAND NEW questions (PoF 080) from UK CQB15 exam.
November 18, 2011: 8 new questions (from Poland CQB15 exam) for 050 added.
November 14, 2011: Online COMPUTER CLICK HERE
November 7, 2011: 14 new questions (UK & Belgium CQB15 exam) for 080 added.
October 29, 2011: 6 new questions for 050 added.
October 23, 2011: 9 new questions for 022 (Belgium CQB15 exam) added.
October 20, 2011: 12 new Radionav questions from UK CQB15 exam added.
October 14, 2011: 28 BRAND NEW questions (radionav 062) from UK CQB15 exam.
October 14, 2011: 7 new questions for 040 ATPL A and H.
October 10, 2011: 6 new recent feedbacks from 080 (Spain exam) added.
October 3, 2011: 1 new feedback for module 010 added.
October 2, 2011: 11 new questions for module 050 added.
September 30, 2011: 2 new questions for module 010.
September 29, 2011: 7 new feedbacks for module 062 have been issued.
September 28, 2011: 6 new questions for module 021 added.
September 26, 2011: 3 new questions for module 040 added.
September 26, 2011: 14 new IRS/INS questions for module 022 ATPL A added.
September 11, 2011: 23 new questions for module 022 ATPL A added.
August 31, 2011: 3 new questions for module 031 ATPL A added.
August 22, 2011: 4 new questions for module 031 added.
August 21, 2011: 12 new CQB15 questions for module 021 (AGK) have been released.
August 12, 2011: 5 new feedbacks and questions for 062 added.
August 8, 2011: 12 new CQB15 questions for 050 added.
July 28, 2011: 10 new CQB15 questions for module 050 (Meteorology) added.
July 25, 2011: 16 new CQB15 questions for module 050 (Meteorology) have been issued.
July 14, 2011: New CQB15 questions have been issued on 062 and 061.
June 17, 2011: complete new module 033, CQB15 compliant.

The best platform ever! I had also AE, but this is perfect. I passed 12 from the first try. The Fl plan is not the full data base and needs upgrade (ATPL (A) ), but all other are the best! Thank you!
Marin (Sofia)

Huge tool to pass the exams. There are 3-4 new questions per subject, but if you can solve the majority of the questions here, you can do all the official exams without problems. Good Luck!

I have passed all exams at the first attempt. E-ATPL is a good help for the price but there is lots of room for improvement!! Attachments must be in better quality, the base should be updated as the accuracy is around 70%, the explanations could be much better, and please add some space for comments that really helps if we can share out thoughts!!! And we need much much more flags for the questions...
Nevertheless, thanks E-ATPL!!!!
Stan (Poland)

Por fin he terminado las 14, que alivio. Gracias por estos años, ha estado bien, pero ahora tengo que dejarte...Gracias a Potas,Farolas,Tubas,Jack Sparow y Rear Passenger...Sin vosotros no hubiera sido posible.

Media 92, el mejor banco, no tiréis el dinero en aviation exam, volare, etc. viva Mallorca y viva Maza.

All passed at the first attempt. The principles of flight subject (ATPL-H) needs an upgrade. I found a lot of new questions SENASA (Spain). e-ATPL = The best. Thanks!
Josep F.

Sugusvolador 100%
Todo aprobado al primer examen.
Una gran ayuda

Primeros 6 examenes y todo 90% e-atpl el mejor banco para aesa!
Falcon Borja

All passed First time with the assistance of E-ATPL, do not count on all the answers, you must learn how they are done first! It is the perfect way to pass the exams. Good luck!
J Jamie (Glasgow & PALMA)

Amazing tool for passing your exams. You have just to do a parallel processing like maza and enjoy it. Good luck mates.

So far so good,done 3 subjects all passed. Doing 5 more next motnh so hoprefully all goes well.
Matthew (Spain - Barcelona)

14/14 ATPL(A) at the first attempt. Just the best tool to prepare the exams. If E-ATPL says you seem to be ready, you will pass the official exam 99%. Thank you and good luck!!!!
U. Javier

E-ATPL is the best. All you need is E-ATPL. Thank you so much.
Duymaz Ersagun (Poland)

The best website for explanations by far... thanks for this !!!!
Enriquez C.

I passed all my ATPL(A) exams, without problems. there are new questions, but if you study this question bank, you will not have problems to pass the official exams. Tubas maquina.

I passed my ATPL exam last week. The best website ! Simple and helpful. Thank you so much.
Best regards from Poland!

I've just finished my ATPL exams last week. If you keep your focus on the study you will pass it. But I advice that they are adding some new questions and not every are in the platform, so you must study understanding what you study or you could have some unpleasant surprise. But just an advice of course. Very luck to every body and see you in the skies! :)
Miguell (España)

The best exam tool ever. So do not waste your time searching for anything else. All you need is E-ATPL, dedication, and hard work. 👍
mete cesur (Turkey)

Just passed all ATPL exams. I don't know how much more time I would spend without e-atpl. Finally I am FREE!!!! No more theory in my life!
Orlov D.

I just finished my 14 exams today (first attempt), many thanks to E-Atpl all the questions with 95% accuracy. I passed all my exams with 95% (average). And many thanks to my classmates (Pablo, Diego, Jóse Manuel) and Instructors (Vicente, Manolo, Jesús, Ángel, Pepe, Rafa, Juan Domingo) ....

Hanay D. Victoriano S.
(Santo Domingo - Dom. Rep. / Seville - Spain)

I passed my ATPL exams 3 years ago. This site is very very helpfull. Today I back to refresh my knowledge and prepare for airline recruitment process. Big thanks for e-atpl and lucky given from God.
Grzegorz (Poland)

E-ATPL is the best, study hard and you'll pass inshallah!
O Sheikh

I have just passed all my exams, first attempt. It is simple, if you study e-atpl you pass!! Kind regards!!
Moisés (Santander - Spain)

Good study tool, to all that you are presenting, good luck with effort and constancy everything is achieved !
David S. (ISLAS BALEARES - Spain)

I've passed my exams one year ago !!! And I training every day before my type rating, awesome work with the new questions!!! The most amazing tool!! Thankyou!!!!!
Ferran (from Spain)

Thanks nice e-atpl, i passed all the exam with an average of 85% very useful.
a Panamedia student

The best tool to learn. I have just ended today my exams with all of them approved!
Carlos (Santander)

Very helpful tool for training with Atpl exams. I passed my last week. Thanks a lot!
Roman (Poland)

I've passed my exams today :) I'm grateful to all e-atpl family! Simply, THANK YOU!
Marcin (Poland)

Nice to work with.
Franzel H. (België)

Platform is VERY useful to train before the real exams. I've passed mine in the first attempt.
There are always tricky questions you simply can't answer even if you studied very well the materials. Sometimes it is difficult to guess what had in mind the person preparing the specified question(s). :) Here it is safe to face such cases.
Tomasz O. (Poland)

It's not easy but it's not impossible, eatpl is the key, av......xam is shit hahah, don't desesperate study and you'll pass!!
Abel (Spain)

I passed all my exams , highly recommended . best tool to pass your ATPL exam. thanks e-atpl . wanna pass your ATPL so only e-atpl .
es bien ahh :)
Avi (Sabadell city )

I passed all my exams without any problems. Airframe, systems and powerplant (021) and general navigation (061) databases are not very accurate, but in spite of that this is the best webpage to prepare your exams. Highly recommended.
H. (España)

Exceptional tool to be well prepared at the ATPL exam! All the new questions are on E-atpl, the others websites doesn't have those new questions!!!
Comments and explanations are very easy to understand. You must choose E-atpl for your ATPL preparation!
Thank you, Marc (Belgium)

I passed my last ATPL A exam session today without any problems... Thank you so much, very easy with your accurate database (ecqb03). Thanks again,
Claudio (Italia)

The best website!! Thanks! But the only problem is the price, but it's worth it.
Padrell (Catalonia).

Finished! I'm so happy!!! Thank you E-atpl for your perfect tool and database.
Very accurate, only few new questions, less than 2% I think.
Have a nice flight,
Andy (Slovakia)

Very accurate database. ATPL examination passed with success in Poland last week.
I highly recommend you to come here instead of aviation exam or other website.
Jan O. (Poland)

All exams passed!! It's not easy but not impossible. E-atpl really works. Thanks a lot for your wonderful explanations. Good luck to everyone!
Jose Luis (Spain)

Thanks e-atpl. You did a good job with your website. All exams passed!! Thank you so much.

All exams passed on first attempt! Thanks a lot e-atpl.
David (Spain)

I passed every exam!
Thank you so much. I am very happy and thanks to all of you. Thank you, thank you and have a good luck in everything. Thank you guys. See you.

The most amazing tool for your finals. Very accurate and Precise. Thank You E-ATPL You've been a great friend :))
Hekalov (Spain)

Just finish my 14 subjects !!!! Take e-atpl: the best website !!!
Mateo (Spain)

I have just passed all my exams with an average of 94%, almost all questions in the database, VERY ACCURATE!!
Best wishes to my partners Hanay, Diego and Jose!!! CATCH'EM ALL LIKE POKEMON!
Pablo Morillo (Sevilla)

Finally all exams passed, using eatpl without problem, great tool!!!Good luck in the exams for everyone!!!

14/14 Excellent website All Exams at first the worst General Navigation and Flight Planning. All is possible with work!!!

This is enough to pass all the exams!! I passed all my ATPL(A) exams at first attempt without problems except with General Navigation where its difficult to find some results with the CR3. Just prepare it with e-atpl and you will be ready!
Cesar (Spain)

The perfect tool for helping you through your exams, up to date in many courses except Operational Procedures for ATPL(A), so keep your book close.
Romain D.
-->Admin: Subject 070 Operational Procedures has been updated to ECQB03 on September 1st!

This is very nice, simple and helpful tool to past ATPL(A)exams.
In my opinion the best question bank ever.
Thank you so much guys for good job.
Best Regards :)))
Piotr (Poland)

Just started questions and realized that you don't need anything else for the ATPL exams. Thank you!
Oguz Fatih (Spain)

Thanks guys!!! This is the KEY! The KEY to pass all the ATPL(a) exams! Very helplful.
L. Armentano (Catalonia)

Just the best tool to learn thank you e-atpl.
Xabier G.
Girona (Spain)

Simple and funky! Very rare mistakes specially in POF but globally very efficient presentation and learning formula. Greetings from la Marsa !
Alpha Detla

Thank you so much for help me to pass my ATPL exams. Question bank is cheap, very clever designed, and so effective during real exams.
Rafał (Poland)

Good job e-atpl, thank you very much :)))
Robert (Poland)

Almost all question from the exam were in the web page!!!
Great tool!!!
Jose (Spain)

This web page is the best one to prepare your exams, most of the questions are in their database. I've just passed all my exams!!
Jaime (Spain)

The best way to pass the exams. Thanks guys for your help!
Ayuso Pablo
España (Sevilla)

The best tool for revision especially the calculations and mathematics part of it. Just passed all my exams!! REVISE! REVISE! REVISE!

Thank you :)
David Cruz

I want to thank you for such an excellent platform to study, for the support and for allowing me to study at all times. I am retired from the Colombian Air Force with about 2500 hours of flight hours, I had came to Europe to convert ICAO ATPL H license to EASA. I have finished my theoretical part in less than 6 months. Many people have asked me and I have recommended a lot e-ATPL website and i emphasize it is the best!
Really thank you very much.
Cesar Contreras

ATPL(A) done! passed all the exams today! E-ATPL helped a lot! i found some new questions though in the exam
thank you!
Salim E.
Casablanca (Morocco)

Great tool! All exams passed with no problem :)
Best regards!
P.M (Poland)

Thank you :) Great database. I fully recommend :)
Lukasz K.

Good sides:
-generally quantity of questions in bank is optimal, which significantly reduces workload, in contrast to AE where there are plenty of redundant questions. However, I have to admit, that during official exam (Poland) I had few questions which were not here.
-good ratio of price to quality.

Bad sides:
-not possible to learn offline
-repetition of questions with difficulty 2. Guys, for me it was a tragedy, please let people to turn that off, not everyone finds it useful.
-not enough space in "my flagged questions"
-lack of possibility to find quickly particular question.

To sum up: if I had to I would choose e-atpl one more time, but some things could be done here in better way.

Best wishes for e-atpl team and good luck for students :)

All exams passed on first attempt with an average of 95%. Thanks e-atpl!! The best tool ever!!
Ivan R.

Only found your website for the last round of exams (unfortunately), but this was by far the best learning software/website that I've seen. If I'd have found you sooner, I'd probably be done with that ATPL(A) by now. Not all questions are applicable to the Austrian question database, but the background explanations are for your benefit all the same.

Would recommend, spread the word. I know I will.
L. D. (Austria)

Best tool ever!
All exams passed (ATPL - Airplanes) with the E-ATPL program, almost more then 90% of the exams questions were in the E-ATPL. All the question are updated, an it has very good explanations.
Thank you!
Diego H (Madrid)

I will finish my atpl in 20 days. thanks to e-atpl for the support. The best tool to passing all exams!!
Christian M. (Madrid)

Exams taken in England (new 2016 syllabus), I can say that your question bank is by far ahead of that used by any of your competitors. All exams passed on first attempt with an average of 93%.
Helpful explanations, responding support, cheaper than the others!
Many thanks.
Richard (Glasgow)

Thanks you e-ATPL for giving me the opportunity to pass my all 14 exams. It was pleasure to study with your database!
Bartosz (Poland)

It is improvable, like everything. But overall it is a must have!
Nicolás C. (Spain)

ATPL(a) finally done!!!
Thank you so much for your help!!!
Database is pretty accurate and useful, even if it seems like exam centers are posting a lot of new questions.
However, This 2 things highlighted here below can be improved:
-Making possible to comment on ANY question and not only on a few ones.
-Getting more and faster feedback about the explanations requested and comments posted.
For the rest, well done! ;)
Pask H. (Belgium)

Thanks, is great tool for study and aprove the exams.

M. Curvelo (SPAIN)

Thanks to E-atpl, I gained my ATPL(A) at first attempt.
The database is very accurate, 95% (at least) of the questions at the examination was on E-atpl.
I found it so useful, I recommend E-atpl to all CAA and EASA students.
Dimitr L. (from Poland, but CAA exams in UK)

Many thanks to e-ATPL, I have passed today 4 subjects especially Meteorology.

The best tool to study for the exam. Thank you eatpl :)

Johan (France)

Good job guys. Thanks for everything !!!!!!!!!!
F. Daniel (Spain)

Just finished my ATPL exams and I got 95% average, first attempt. I've studied like a motherf***** but it's been worth it. E-ATPL has been crucial in this success. You won't find all the questions of the official bank, but don't worry, cause the great majority of them are there. The program makes you repeat the questions that you fail in order to make you learn them by heart. The explanations that you find in the trickiest questions help a lot, even if, sometimes, are a bit hard to get. Anyway, Overall, E-ATPL is great. Totally recommended. Thanx a lot!

Dani S. (Catalonia)

PS. You should sell T-shirts. I'd buy one ;)

Best of the Best! Just coming back from my ATPL exams at Gatwick and...WOW! So happy! Exact same questions and 8/8 exams gained at first attempt!
E-atpl: highly recommended tool!!!
T Kazinscky (UK)

This is absolutely the best website ever created!!!! i'd like to thank all eatpl crew for what they gave us!!! Thank you once again!! and for people still doing atpls exams i strongly recommended and good luck :)
E. Mustafa

The best page. No problem at my exams.
José A. (Spain)

Absolutely the best tool ever to pass the all 14 ATPL subjects , I've done them in just 7 months :)
Thank you very much indeed , see ya all up in the air.
Hassan A. (Canada)

Finally all 14 ATPL Subjects passed. is a great tool to help you study and pass your ATPL exams.
S. Taro

Adrian M

The best and easiest way to pass all the ICAO exams succesfully.
Diego M (Spain)

After 16 f***ing months, all f***ing exams passed. E-ATPL is the f***ing key, indeed. Much more useful than an "actual" ground school. See ya up there!
PQ Alex (Spain)

Great tool for study all 14 ATPL(A) exams!! Database near update because of the new ECQB02 questions on the exams!! Even that almost 90% of the questions are the same as the exams!!
Sergi L (Spain)

Such a great tool ! An easy and even funny way to work for the ATPL !
Database up2date so no surprise at the exam !
Really recommanded !
Louis (Belgium)

ATPL passed ! the best way to learn ! much more better than aviation exam !
Tomczyk B (Poland)

You are the best guys!!! Today i passed my ATPL(A) exams after 13 months!! Your database of questions covered in 99% !! Thanks to you for giving me few days more for free to pass it all!! I will always remember that and you, too! I will recommending your site to other Poles. Thank you again. The hardest part is over, now waiting for a real adventure! See you somewhere in the sky!!!!
Pawel K (Poland)

Just finish my last exam!! Great tool, great explanations! Thank you so much for the e-atpl team for helping me in all this journey!! Everage of the 14 exams over 90%!!! Highly recommended!!! See you all in the skies!!
Ingmar (Spain)

It'd be great that if you ask for an explanation on a question you got answered as well by email. But anyway great question bank, it's a must to pass your exams!
David (Spain)

Seriously thanks to e-atpl!!! The best and most efficient way to pass all the ATPL (A) exams at first try, and with a really good average! Unfortunately some topics (like instru/meteo/IFR comm) are lacking of updates BUT STILL AWESOME!!! Thanks again!
Sebastien (Belgium)

The best way to pass all 14 exams! Questions allmost like in the official exam!
Thank you! See you in the sky ;)
Alejandro (Spain)

Site could be improved on lots of points. Even the language used can be confusing as to what the questions are asking or stating. And íf there's an explanation, good luck figuring it out. Nonetheless E-ATPL is an incredibly useful tool to study for the exams. I am very lazy and have never studied before in my life, but thanks to this site I passed everything on the first try with a 92% average.

14 exams done in less than one year, thank you so much e-atpl for your wonderful system and question bank perfectly up to date for the examination in UK.
Best regards,
Alvaro (UK)

Excellent tool and accurate questions. I passed all my 14 exams within 7 months.
Great explanations, Thanks, you guys were great help.
Andy (Hungary)

Great Job, I pass all my exam at first time, but in Spain we have any problem,with the cr3 computer it dont have the necessary accuracy for the questions of winds and Ground Speed.
Thanks for all kind regalds from Madrid,
Jorge Felipe (Spain)

Very good tool to prepare the ATPL exams, passed with +95% overall. Though it could improve the review of wrong questions and the customer support (2 messages 0 responses).
Pablo (Spain)

Wonderful database containing really updated question. but I did not like the way that you repeat the questions many times even I answer them right which waste the time.

Excellent , I Pass my 14 Exams + more 4 Exams for my CPL and ATPL.
Very Trusted Site.
Ajaj Mohammad

Great tool! Between 85% and 95% of questions were the same at the exams! 14 exams passed at first attempt! good job guys!!
Lorenzo (Spain)

J'en ai rêvé de poster mon message enfin c'est mon tour!!! Après 18 mois de travail et une révision final de toutes les branches ATPL(H) j'ai passé tous mes exams avec plus de 80%. E-ATPL est un excellent outil de travail pour tester ses connaissances et se préparer aux examens ! Un grand merci super boulot!
Seb (Sswitzerland)

Fourteen exams passed. Base was very helpful. Thank you.
Dawid (Poland)

Thanks for this great tool!! So recommendable!! Thanks to Pablo, Alvaro and Alfred for their support , come on guys!! Good luck to everyone!.
Gustavo (Spain)

I just finished my 14 subject exams, done in 2 sessions thanks to e-atpl. Questions were more than 99% up to date and similar.
Mustapha M.
Czech rep

Lovely tool with a great database and explanations on almost all questions. Thank you!
Andrés (Spain)

Thanks for this tool as valid for the preparations of the ATPL exams, good luck to my peers in their exams.
Pablo (Spain)

Fantastic tool, database very accurate, great explanations.
I recommend e-atpl for all students who attempt ATPL.
Manu Lopes (Spain)

Hello everybody, this database is very good, almost 99% matches.....I recommend to all. Thanks. Martin (LZTN)

Thanks mates for your great help!!
Finished totally and 100% passed!!
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johann (Catalunya)

Amazing E-ATPL...congratulations...

Thank you e-atpl for your help during the last 10 months!!! I have enjoy my prep with you, you are the best.
Almost 99% of the questions was at my exams in Spain.

Better database than aviationexam or bristol!!! Cheaper also!!!!
I recommend your page. Best way to pass the exams.
Thanks again for your help driving me around the ATPL-A knowledge.
Michele (Italia)

Last exam result received today! Passed all with 89% average! Thanks soo much the e-atpl team, great customer service and amazing tool to get you through the ATPL exams. Would recommend to all! :)
Joshua C. (France)

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Aitor (Spain)

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Aleksi (Finland)

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Kínd regards from Spain
Esteban T

Thank you so much eatpl, almost every question of the real exams is in your database.
Xavier F (Spain)

Perfetto, grazie mille per la Sua base di domande perfettamente aggiornata.
Fabio (Italia)

Great stuff, almost 90% Qs matches, sometimes the explenation is useless, but who cares, keep the good work e-atpl!
Sendair (Poland)

Thank you so much for your help all along my studies for ATPL A.
Your explanations are very helpful, i will recommend e-atpl to other students.
Andrej (Croatia)

All the 14 exams ATPL(A) passed at the first attempt studying only from e-atpl! Thanks!
Martinez Gerard

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M M Oscar (Spain)

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Adak Volkan (Turkey)

Without any doubt the best way to gain your ATPL!
Thank you E-ATPL team! Keep the good work.
Andy (UK)

The best Tool for studying And passing your atpl exam. Thanks.
Abraham T (Spain)

In CPL now, thank you so much. Just one advice, even when you think that you are going to fail, keep working. I did it. It worked. Never get discouraged.
Gael (France)

I've already passed all the exams. I wouldn't have achieved it so easily without your help and support. Needless to say how much I appreciate it, so many thanks to you! I strongly reccommend your website. Greetings!
Grzegorz (Poland)

I have just passed my last exam today. Nothing to say but THANK YOU...I definitely wouldn't pass any exam without your help. Tried many ways: Time wasted.
Bet for orange!
Pablo (Spain)

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Karol (Poland)

Thanks to this Web site. 14 Exams in 1 sitting has been passed. Highly recommended. Although some additional instruments may be useful. Best price-outcome ratio.
Boyko Maxim (Israel)

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Oscar JP (Spain)

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Radillo J. (Spain)

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E-ATPL make learning easy and interesting with good explanations.
I recommend to all my partners this database.
Etien (Spain, LECO)

I hope all this suffering has its reward in heaven. See you in the next life!

A.G. "Cougar" (LEBL)

Your are the best database for ATPL exam!!!! Thank you so much, you are the best!
Explanations and drawings are very helpful, the exam becomes much more easier with you.
I wish you all the best, now let's fly for practical test!!!!
Cristina (Latvia)

Provided undeniable help, some questions really are tricky (some don't even make sense!) and you'd better have seen them at least once before passing the official exams.
Thanks eATPL!
Donald (Belgium)

Great ! So simple with e-atpl ! Very helpful website, thank you !
Pierre (Belgium)

I passed all 14 exams. E-ATPL gave me invaluable support in my efforts and that's highly appreciated. I can recommend it to everyone!
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Bernard (Poland)

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Jordan from Spain

It's been a tough year but finally i've passed all the exams, yesterday i did the last ones. I want to say that everyone can do this, with effort and dedication it's all possible. I want to thank e-atpl because it made the task a lot easier.
I also want to thank a very special person for me, my girlfriend, without her this wouldn't be possible, from the beginning she always supported me and helped me a lot. I love you and always will.
From Spain, Mikhail.

On this 27th of February, I succeeded my full atpl examination at the first try. Thanks to e-atpl, I had much less difficulties than what I expected.
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François Dufrasnes (Belgium)

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Aurélien (Belgium)

Finally I did it, i've passed last ATPL(A) exam- many thanks to E-ATPL Team for Your support. Without this base i couldn't achieve it.... All the best for rest of students, keep doing it. With this base, You are on short final =]
Paweł (Poland)

Well, I just passed my last atpl exam this morning and I want to thank you for bringing us this very discuss (great in my opinion) way of learning with the certainty of passing. Good luck to everybody. KEEPING FOCCUS.
Follata (Spain)

All my 14 ATPL-A exams successfully passed for first time, this system is very proffessional and helpful for learning! Ordered for everyone who wants to pass!!
Thank you,
Gergely (Hungary)

The question base is almost the same as in the exam, except for few questions. Passed with more than 90%!
Fido (Slovenija)

Best way of learning for such a low price. The success rate is inevitable! Thank You guys!

Attila (Hungary)

I passed my exam This morning 14/14 and can now continue!!!!It was so hard but with your help it was much more EASY!!!
Thanks a LOT,
Fabien (France)

Your website is perfect.
Morozov Igor

I would like to thank a lot the e-atpl team! Thanks guys, today I succeeded on my last exam on ATPL(A), It would have been much more difficult without your help!

Adrià (Barcelona)

Hello! your websit made it super easy for me to pass all my exams, without this website it would have been extremely hard to pass! The best website and source for passing ATPL exams. Thank you sooooo much!!
Sa'ad Qaiser, Aerolink (Spain)

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Cagatay G. (Turkey)

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Thank you for this, your website is perfect.
Angel C. (Spain)

Hi there.
Just wanna thank you for the way you explain things. I'm sure that I wouldn't pass it the way I did without you guys just keep it up and up to date. You da best.
Franck R.

Thanks E-ATPL for everything ! I successfully passed all the 14 ATPL(A) exams at first attempt with an average score of 90% !! Your website is just the place to study to succeed in Aviation Theory !
Thanks again.

I am totally satisfied with your services. I have found your explanations and comments to be extremely helpful to get the requested level.
Ruiz (Spain)

Thank you very much for everything has really helped me to pass my exams.
Javi (spain)

Hello E-atpl team! I have successfully passed my DGCA ATPL and your questions almost fit completely the Indian exams syllabus. I am totally satisfied with your services. I have found your explanations and comments to be extremely helpful to get the requested level.
warmest regards,
Ravi Kumar (Mumbai)

Your databank prepared me perfectly for the exam, I owe my success to you.
Thank you also for the great support you provide.
Keep up the good work and good luck to the guys who are still training!

Thank you E-ATPL,you are the best!!
Now I'm going to next step!!

Dirhe Rachil
Rep.of CONGO(Brazzaville)

I am writing to let you know that I passed the CPL(A) written test on September with an overall grade of 94%.
I was recommended to you by my school, for your excellent explanations associated to the questions.
Thank you for creating such a useful website.
Allan from Austria

When you want to pass any test you need to know what to study for: on e-atpl every question of the ATPL exam are covered. Thank you very much e-atpl team!!! also for your excellent support.
I would certainly recommend e-atpl to others.

Thanks to E-ATPL team!
I just passed all the theorical part, and mostly due to this web page.
The questions are all in the official exams, but recently there are some new questions out of these data banks, but if you have studied the theory, you can suceed!
Just a sugestion, you should include some tools to move around the questions, forward/backward, to look for some special question, and become easer to handle.
Alfonso, (SPAIN)

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Carry Hurner

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Hristo Krumov

I just wanna say Thanks a lot for your services! I've done with my CPL exams today! :) I'm gonna continue my ATPL training here too!!
Adam Mery

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Oscar (Spain)

All exams finished. Thank you for helping me to achieve this.
E-atpl really helped me to pass my ATPL A, i had seen about 99% of the questions!
Keep up the good work. Thanks,
Andrew (UK)

Thank you very much for everything
undoubtedly the best study tool, I recommend it to all future pilots.
right now I'm done with the whole theory.
greetings from MALAGA (SPAIN).
Muchas gracias por todo
sin duda la mejor herramienta de estudio, la recomiendo a todos los futuros pilotos.
justo hoy yo he terminado con toda la teoria.
saludos desde MALAGA(SPAIN).

A big thank you to E-atpl!!! I passed today!!! You have a fantastic website with concise explanations and clear diagrams. Your database is up to date. Keep up the good work and i wish you all the best.
Paul (UK)

Very good website.
Thank you!
Miras Karlos

I did the atpl for fun, for brain training, E-atpl was one of the most helpful, with the explanations and helpful support. Working on it for 3 years, i finished with 93%.
Hames Jeanne

THE BEST! thank u so much
Jorge Perez

I just passed the whole theory with E-atpl ! Thank you for all the great database you provide. No need to open a book, your explanations and drawings are perfect to understand all the learning objectives. Furthermore, you are the only one who provide all the appendix and its really helpful. I firmly believe that I have now a very good knowledge for my future career. I would definitely recommend E-atpl for anyone who wants to take the ATPL.
Andrew (Denmark)

E-atpl is the best way to pass the ATPL exams.
Eduard S.

Despite hard studying using another popular orange question bank site, I somehow didn't manage to pass CPL-level Principles of Flight. Got 57% and 73% on first two attempts, but when I bought access to this site and did all of its questions and 20 practise exams, I passed the test with a whopping 93% ! Thank you!! Im doing my ATPL's next fall and will surely use this site then!
Thomas (Finland)

I spent many long hours studying for my ATPL-H, the way you gave examples helped understand procedures. I passed my exam with success, and e-atpl gave me the answers and the confidence!
keep up the good work!
Patrik (Switzerland)

Dear E-atpl team,
Thanks very much for your excellent service (the explanations and helpfull support). I finished my ATPL exams in Belgium and the questions were almost identical, I recognized most of the questions on my official test!
You have really contributed to my success.
Let's fly now!!!

Your website is excellent and cheaper than the others! Your explanations have really helped. I successfully passed all 14 EASA exams first time. Modules are well organised, database accuracy around 98% I think.
Many many thanks to E-atpl!!!!
Patryk (Poland)

I was under a time constraint and I was able to pass my ATPLs in 6 months, all first time passes, with an average mark of 92%.
Thank you E-ATPL, I couldn't have done it without you.
Derek (UK).

I think that this page is very complete in order to attend the civil aviation exams but In my oppinion this page could improve more facilitating the search of the questions inside the topics.
This page just need to become more easy to handle.
Sassi Juan (Spain).

Just wanted to write and say thanks to the staff for a great database!
You are the best (have tried atponline and aviationexam before) E-atpl is by far the best test prep software I have ever used!
Erin (ATPL-A new syllabus in UK).

Just finish my exam ;)

The questions of E-ATPL are more likely to be the same as the official ones, but I think this site could improve a lot with making the site easier to handle. I miss some buttons such as go back to previous questions (To check it) or skip a question to do it later, but the questions are the most important to me!


Don't study questions only, but if you need to know, I did not find any unknown question in my first 5 real exams (010,040,061,091,092). Keep the good work guys!

Thank you, thank you, thank you
Steve (UK)

This method of working is simply the best!
Forget the others
E-atpl is the best
Thanks a lot for everything
Oliv (France)

The BEST EVER!!!!!! Thank a lot guys!!!
Adam (Hungary).

Thank you to the e-atpl team. The database and the explanations are simply the best.

Thanks to e-atpl. it's been very useful. Tip: don't memorize the answers. Understand them.

Best invention ever!

Just finished all my exams succesfully!!! Thanks for a complete and updated database!!!
Alex (Spain).


I don't know any other website that changed my life in such a significant degree.. I have left a part of myself here :)
Luke (Poland)

I must say a big thank to all the e-atpl team, the questions and the explanations were just perfect! After several months of studying i passed the 14 modules in one attempt! Thank you.
Marty (UK).

I'm so glad! Thanks E-ATPL! I don't know how I should have done it without your database. It's more than helpfull it's paradise! Since I passed all my exams now, i'm a bit lost, i don't have to login any more on this website, i'll miss you...

Thanks a lot for your Work.
All exams suceed.
The possibility to flag question is very a good positive value.
Christophe (Belgium)

thanx guyz
i am done with the exams
Great help practicing with your QB.
best regards

Great job!
Today I went to my first attemp with 5 exams and I passed all of them with no less than 90%. EVERY question was in the e-atpl bank of questions. So, where do you steal them??? ;)
I hardly recommend this web. The "exammeter" is a very good reference to know how you will make the real exams.

Great job guys - I really had a problem to study using old database- paper form. Then, friend of mine adviced me this e-learning and it's great! :) Everything goes much smoother. I have my first 4 exams next week - so I hope...
Matt (Slovakia)

Thanks a lot for the questions that resulted full familiarisation the questions at the real exam.

is the best...

Thanks a lot for your Data Base ! If we study your questions every body can succeed the real exam !
Once again, THANK YOU E-ATPL ! With you it would not have been the same result... :)
Gilles From Belgium

Hola amigos, gracias a vosotros ya tengo aprobadas las 14 asignaturas del atpl teorica saludos y mucha suerte.
Jordi AGUILO PEREZ (Spain)

Guys, your software is number one. It's invaluable help for me and helped me ace many exams, i am sure i will ace the remaining 6, i have taken 8 so far.
Bye for now and keep up the good work.
Cheers ! Emil (Bulgaria)

Software is Great. Without you guys I would not make it. Thank you ;)
Andrew (Poland)

Thanks for your support, keep worling this way.

Thank you guys for this amazing test programme.
Without this I wouldn't have passed all my exams for the very first time (except two I did on the second try). I got questions from the new CQB15 database and these questions were few days later introduced here, what a shame, so in the end I have to say one more time: THANK YOU for all your effort to get new questions here and one more time thank you.
Slesar Martin

Hello folks,
this morning, after 9 months of hell, i completed my theoretical ATPL.
It's been hard, but with your help it's been a little less challenging.
Belgium exam is really well reflected in your database.
All you need to pass is hard study and a month of revision with your database.
Thanks a lot for your precious support.
Keep the good work online!
Bruno (Belgium)

Thank you very much! Your question bank match the real exam between 95 and 100%!Jens (Germany)

Just finished my ATPL theory with an average of 93% for the 14 exams! Use the E-Atpl database for exam prep, it's the best!
Gert (Amsterdam)

I've been waiting for an app like this. For less than the cost of a book. It is easy to use.Fantastic value. Great job, guys!!
Ernesto (Malaga - Spain)

Congratulation for your excellent soft; and compliment from my FTO instructors : WOW, what a high standard !!!
Mark (Dublin).

I felt very comfortable at exam. E-atpl is a real ATPL theory builder factory !
Mohamed (Sweden) Happy!!!

Basically, for standard exam, you don't need any soft to be well prepared! Unless for JAA examination! Thanks a lot and take care guys,
Steve (UK)

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